Senate Bill 860 Signed Into Law

Announcement by the Oregon Independent Mental Health Practitioners (OIMHP):

Senate Bill 860 was signed into law by Governor Kate Brown on August 9th, 2017.

The bill starts the process of requiring insurance companies to reimburse mental health professionals in an equivalent manner to how they reimburse physicians. It will also start the process of ending aggressive or punitive utilization reviews of mental health services, including over-management and underpayment of CPT 90837 sessions.

SB 860 will require state enforcement of the existing Oregon Mental Health Parity Law to ensure consumers have full access to critical mental health services.

The Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS) will begin their examinations of insurer practices, and we anticipate that there will be opportunities for mental health practitioners to add their expertise to the process.

Stay tuned for information about how you can get involved and add your input.


To learn more about SB 860, read the OIMHP white paper.