Continuing Education Programs:

June 3, 2015 – Cultural Application of Psycho-Forensic Reports in Chile at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights: Working with Refugees and Survivors of Torture in Oregon.
Presented by: Ruth Vargas-Forman, PhD, QMHP.

May 6, 2015 – Working with Transgender Clients: Best Practices and Ethical Consideration in the Assessment and Treatment of Gender Dysphoria

April 1, 2015 – The Neurobiology of Trauma,
Presented by: Christopher Wilson, Psy.D.

February 4, 2015 – Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Presented by: Crystal Dehle, Ph.D. and Heidemarie Laurent, Ph.D.

January 7, 2015 – Optimal Wellness, Presented by John Michael Meyer, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

December 3, 2014 – Impulse Control Disorders and the DSM-5: What Do We Do Now?
Presented by Markham S. Giblin, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

November 5, 2014 – Ethical Decision Making in a Diverse World by Sharon Smith, PhD and Beth Zimmermann, PhD.

Oct. 1, 2014 – Positive Ethics in Approaching Challenging Clinical Decisions by Ruth Bichsel, Ph.D., FABPS, FACFEI, AHTA, HS-BCP, CERT

Sept. 10, 2014 – Breakthrough discoveries about psychological, neurological and medical strategies to treat and reverse chronic pain brain disease – Joshua Haber, MD and Scott Pengelly, PhD

June 4, 2014 – Teri Strong, Ph.D. – “Health Care Reform for the Affordable Care Act”

May 7, 2014 – Eric Sorensen, Ph.D., Ethics of Informed Consent and the Beginning of the Treatment Relationship.

Apr. 2, 2014 – Joann ZumBrunnen, LCSW. Clinical Director, Eating Disorder Center of Eugene. Topic: “Eating Disorders: Assessment and Interventions”.

Mar. 5, 2014 – Sandy Moses, M.A., Making Connections: Suicide Prevention and Promoting Mental Health.

Feb. 5, 2014 – Ken Zimmerman, PMHNP, “Mental Health Diagnosis and Treatment: Where Are We And Where Are We Going?”

Jan. 8 , 2014 – “Mentalizing the Alaskan Native Experience: Psychotherapy in a Community Workshop” by Robin Grace, LCSW.

Dec. 4, 2013 – Dissecting Divorce, by Julie Gentili Armbrust.

Nov. 6th – Ethics of Practicing Psychology in the Digital Age: Overview from Telepsych to Social Media
Presenter: Mary Peterson, PhD

Oct. 2nd – An Evolutionary Perspective on Trauma-Related Disorders presented by David Baldwin, PhD

Sept. 11 – Working with athletes: Mental health, culture and the hot topic of sports concussions Presented by Amy Athey, PhD

June 5th – Neurofeedback, Neural Networks, and the Future of Behavioral Health, presented by Matthew Fleischman, Ph.D.

May 1st – Research in Political Psychology presented by Bill McConochie, Ph.D.

April 3rd – Working with Co-occuring Disorders, Presented by Nancy Taylor Kemp, Ph.D.

March 6th – Understanding and Working with Sexual Fantasies, presented by Wendy Maltz, LCSW, DST.

February 6th – Integrating Mentalization Based Psychotherapy, Attachment Research, and Relational Psychoanalytic Thinking in a Psychotherapy Practice, presented by Robin Grace, LCSW.

January 9th 2013 – Limits of Ethical Testimony from the Therapist Role, presented by Erik Sorensen, Ph.D.

December 5th 2012 – “Addressing the Men’s Health Crisis: Effective Clinical Work with Men”, Presented by Jon Davies, Ph.D.

November 7th – “Treating Veterans with PTSD” presented by Julie Nelligan, Ph.D. Town Hall Meeting presented by Eleanor Gil-Kashiwabara, Psy.D., OPA President Elect

October 3rd – Jordan Shin, MS, LPC
Standards of Care and Clinical Theory for Working with Transgender Clients
This presentation will provide basic information needed for working with clients who are transitioning from one gender to another. The emphasis will be on the World Professional Association for Transgender Health Standards of Care, 7th Edition, which was announced in 2011. Other topics will include developmental tasks, different models for recommending medical interventions, and on-line resources.

Jordan Shin, MS, LPC, is a counselor with a private practice in Eugene. Jordan is a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health and applies feminist gender theory in her work with clients. Jordan has presented on multicultural topics and taught multicultural competency classes for the Counseling Program at Oregon State University. Jordan also has a PhD in Political Science.

Sept. 5th – James Monroe – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

August 1st – No Meeting
July 4th – No Meeting

June 6th – Carol Caver – APA Guidelines on GLB Clients

May 2nd – Advanced Ethics 2
Shoshana Kerewsky, Ph.D.

April 4: Advanced Ethics I
Shoshana Kerewsky, Ph.D. is the current president of the Oregon Psychological Association and assistant professor at the University of Oregon. Shoshana teaches in the Counseling Psychology doctoral program, the Family and Human Services undergraduate program, and the Couples and Family Therapy master’s program. Additionally, she is Director of Internships for Counseling Psychology. Her teaching interests include ethics, group therapy and intervention, assessment, and supervision. Shoshana is furthermore, a trainer for the American Psychological Association’s HIV Office for Psychology Education and a licensed psychologist with a small private psychotherapy practice. She provides psycho-educational group meetings for patients with diabetes at Volunteers in Medicine. She is also socially active and involved in friendship with Cambodia, University of Oregon substance abuse prevention program, domestic violence survivor support and student membership in OPA.

March 7th  2012
Understanding Relationships Between Trauma and Experiences Commonly Labeled “Psychotic”
Ron Unger is LCSW therapist affiliated with the Center for Family Development. He specializes in cognitive therapy for psychosis, working with both individuals and groups. He has given numerous presentations and workshops on cognitive therapy for psychosis, on trauma, and on the relationships frequently found between trauma and psychosis. He is also a member of the executive committee of the United States Chapter of the International Society for the Psychological Treatments of the Schizophrenias and other Psychoses, and also the chair of their educational committee.

February 1st 2012
Using Mindfulness to Access Clients’ Wholeness in Therapy
Denise Jessup is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Certified Hakomi Therapist, and Teacher-in-Training for Mindful Experiential Therapy Approaches, a Portland-based organization that trains people in a variety of mindfulness-based therapy methods.

January 4th 2012
Susan Gelberg, Ph.D. and Mr. Mathew Ata’lunti’ski Poteet will be presenting on Intergenerational Trauma: Understanding, Healing, and Forgiving the Unforgivable

December 7th Meeting
Dainis Irbe, M.D., from Emerald Sleep Disorders Center, will be presenting on the Pharmacology of Treating Sleep Disorders

Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2011
OPA and LCPA Sponsored Town Hall Meeting Featuring…
Health Care Reform and Changes That Will Affect Practitioners
Presented by Teri Strong, PhD and
Representative Val Hoyle, Oregon House of Representatives, District 14

OPA Town Hall
Presented by Julie Nelligan, PhD, OPA President Elect

October 5th
Psychological Traits related to Political Attitudes: Research & Evidence Based Issues, William McConochie, Ph.D.

June 1, 2011
Ivan Sumner, L.C.S.W and Lane County Commitment Specialist
Demystifying the Mental Health Commitment Process in Lane County

May 4, 2011
Shoshana Kerewsky, PsyD
Psychological Issues and Practices in Cambodia

April 6, 2011
Joshua Haber, MD, & Scott Pengelly, PhD
Old Pain, New Brain: Anatomy of Transformation

March 3, 2011
Matt Fleischman, PhD
Bringing the brain into the practice of psychology: A demonstration, case presentations and discussion.

February 3, 2011
James Morris, MD
The Fibromyalgia Patient; Bio-Psycho-Social Implications for Treatment and the Multi -disciplinary Approach.

January 5, 2011
Jennifer Wagner, LPN
Medical Marijuana; Latest Research & Deciphering Recreational Use vs. Medical Need.

December 1, 2010
Pat Sublette, PhD
Impact of Traumatic Brain Injuries on Executive Functioning & Behavior.

November 3, 2010
Paul Cooney, JD.
The Ethics of Reporting Healthcare Professionals.

October 6, 2010
Annemieke Golly, PhD
First Step To Success: Intervening At The Point of School Entry to Prevent Antisocial Behavior Patterns.

September 1, 2010
Savana Fineberg, PhD
New Directions in Sex Therapy and the Intimacy-Based Approach.

June 2, 2010
John Garlinghouse, PhD
Working with suicidal patients.

May 5, 2010
Arthur Edelman, PhD
Treating Chronic Pain.

April 7, 2010
Shannon Young, LCSW
Eating Disorders.

March 3, 2010
Pam Birrell, PhD
The Ethics of Possibility: Relationship, Risk, and Presence.

February 3, 2010: Lynnea Lindsey, PhD
Psychopharmacology: Managing Medications for Madness.

January 6, 2010
Anya Sheftel, MS,
Motivational Interviewing in Clinical Practice.

December 2, 2009: Jessica Tipsord, PhD
Mindfulness Based Intervention Research: Implications for clinical practice.

November 4, 2009
Marcia Wood, PhD, and Shoshana Kerewsky, PsyD
Professional Ethics at the OPA Town Hall meeting.