Who We Are:

The Lane County Psychologists’ Association (LCPA) is a professional membership organization and is registered as a public benefit corporation. Our membership consists of licensed psychologists, psychologist associates, psychologist residents, and psychologist associate residents. In addition, our allied members include unlicensed doctoral psychologists functioning as educators, researchers or consultants, doctoral interns in psychology and doctoral students in psychology.

Our Purposes:

Public Interest
Create a visible presence of psychologists providing direct benefit to the Lane County community through education and outreach that promotes wellness, emotional resilience, and the equitable and just treatment of all persons and groups.

Safeguard the accessibility of mental healthcare in the Lane County community and the security of practicing psychologists by advocating for legislative and regulatory actions that guide mental health parity, healthcare reform, network adequacy, professional licensing and insurer reimbursement for psychological services.

Professional Connection
Build an inclusive, welcoming and diverse community of Lane County psychologists in order to develop networks of support and consultation, a sense of professional identity, and knowledge of local resources to facilitate effective referral and collaboration.

Continuing Education
Provide Lane County psychologists with continuing education training to promote the delivery of psychological services in the community that are consistent with current APA standards of ethical conduct and guidelines for diversity and multicultural practice within professional psychology.


Each LCPA purpose will be directed by a committee of LCPA members who will oversee at least one project/activity per year that is consistent with their respective purpose. Committees will provide the opportunity for more LCPA members to take ownership of the organization through leadership, to be engaged in meaningful activities consistent with our purposes, and to get to know each other better.

Public Interest Committee
Objective: Create a visible presence of psychologists in the Lane County community who are engaged in education and outreach that directly benefits the public.

Advocacy Committee
Objective: Keep the membership informed of relevant news, serve as a resource for member concerns and facilitate association-wide advocacy actions.

Professional Connection Committee
Objective: Maintain an inclusive LCPA community that is consistent with our purpose, fostering affiliation among the membership and welcoming connection between the association and other entities in the community.

Continuing Education Committee
Objective: Keep membership informed of and trained on current APA guidelines and standards related to ethics and multicultural practices within psychology.


Each LCPA year runs from September 1st to August 31st. There are six meetings for the membership from September through June which include the following:

2 x Professional Connection
Two meetings are organized by the Professional Connection Committee with the objective of fostering affiliation among the membership and connection between the association and other entities in the community.

2 x Continuing Education
Two meetings are organized by the Continuing Education Committee with the objective of keeping membership informed of and trained on current APA guidelines and standards related to ethics and multicultural practices within psychology. The committee may also offer continuing education on other topics at their discretion.

2 x Business
Two meetings will be organized by the Executive Committee with the objective of facilitating association operations. Each committee will have a representative present and all LCPA members are invited to attend.

In addition to the aforementioned meetings, LCPA committees may choose to organize or sponsor events in Lane County to create opportunities for members to meaningfully engage with our community.


  • Connection with colleagues to network, socialize, give or receive mentorship, and collaborate on meaningful goals that benefit our association and the Lane County community.
  • Participation on LCPA Purpose Committees and short-term workgroups to ensure that the association implements specific actions in service of our purposes.
  • Leadership opportunities within the Executive Committee and the purpose committees.
  • Six in-person meetings a year.
  • Access to the LCPA Slack “workspace” as a means of connecting with other members online.
  • Ability to make announcements to the LCPA membership on Slack.
  • Access to the Slack referrals channel.
  • LCPA sponsored continuing education training will be free or at a reduced rate for members.
  • The LCPA website is under construction but will eventually allow members to post a profile to increase your online visibility.

If you are interested in joining LCPA, please fill out a membership form below and hit “submit.” You may choose to pay your membership fee of $50 (psychologists and psychologist associates) or $35 (residents, doctoral interns, doctoral students) with the PayPal link that follows, at an in-person meeting, or by sending a check made out to LCPA to the following address:

PO Box 12158
Eugene, OR 97440

If you have questions, please contact our current Secretary.

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